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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if there is an extra card in a pack?

Due to quality control issues a long time ago, if there happens to be an extra card(s) in the pack, a randomized drawing amongst the participants will be given the card(s) as a bonus. So if the card company states 12 cards in the pack and the total is greater, we award participants the bonus cards in a randomized drawing.

2. What if the pack is short a card?

Due to quality control issues a long time ago, if the pack happens to be short a card, a full refund will be given to that participant. The last slot will be given a full refund or credit.

3. How long before I receive my cards and how much is shipping?

Within 1-2 business days, cards will be shipped FREE of charge to the customer. At's discretion, if a "high value" card is pulled. Just Rip It will ship the card to PSA/SGC for free grading (a $20 Value) unless winner denies the option. Please be advised that the grading companies take up 65 business days for the card to be graded and shipped back to Just Rip It. We will then unveil the card when we receive it back from PSA/SGC and then ship to the customer. In some cases, a "major pull" i.e. Mantle, Rose, Banks, etc. will be put in as a rush order to PSA/SGC.

4. Are packs unsearched?

All of our packs will be graded and come encapsulated by third party companies. Whether it is PSA, GAI, or BBCE or Beckett, every customer can rest assure the packs we rip are unsearched and validated by the before mentioned companies. On occasion, some packs will be not graded, but factory sealed and not tampered with in any way to the best of our knowledge.

5. What card slot do I get when I buy my share?

Just Rip It will use a randomized order BEFORE the pack is ripped open so everyone has their own slot. Everyone has a random chance.

6. How does a box break open?

If Just Rip It decides to sell shares in a box, this will work in the same way as cards in a pack, but the customer will own the entire pack.

7. Do pack breaks start from the top or bottom of the pack?

We will always start from the top of the pack (picture card) for cello packs and the top card for wax packs.

8. When will the pack be ripped open?

Once all the shares are sold out, Just Rip It will announce the time and day of pack break. In most instances, the pack will be ripped the same day of sell out or within a few days.

9. Can we see the pack being ripped open?

Yes, Just Rip It will broadcast live the unveiling of the pack rip right in front of your own eyes on our broadcasted channels Youtube & Facebook.

10. Do you offer refunds on the shares of the pack that have been purchased?

No, all sales are final.

11. What happens if there is a power outage or any other unforeseen interruption of the live broadcast while the pack is being ripped open?

Upon the outage, we will immediately resume the live feed via mobile device on Facebook Live and or Youtube Live in order to not interrupt the live randomized drawing we promised.

12. How does Just Rip It determine what Series a wax or cello pack is if not labeled by a professional grader?

We here at Just Rip It, will do our best to determine which series a pack is, if not labeled by a grading service, by using a simple rule. We will look at both top and bottom of a card, if available on a cello pack, and use those numbers to match up whatever series they are in via the PSA/SGC grading system. Sometimes in a wax pack, you can see a particular player through the wax wrapper and assume which series it is as well. We at Just Rip It, will not be responsible for determining which series a pack is due to quality control errors from the card manufacturer but will do our best to narrow it down for our customers.