Rewards Program

Just Rip It is proud to announce a loyalty rewards program. There is no cost or enrollment to join. Here is how it works. For every $1 spent, the customer will receive 10 Reward points. The more you spend, the more points you will accumulate. Points can be redeemed for future shares of packs or used in our online retail shop. There is no minimum to acquire points as every dollar spent will be rewarded. For example $50 = 500 points, $100 = 1000 points, $250 = 2500 points and so on. Look for our special announcements which may feature double or even triple reward points on select packs!


In the financial world, a dividend is a payment made by a company to its shareholders. In the Just Rip It world, a dividend is a bonus in which one lucky winner will receive random cards, packs, or points! The lucky winner will receive the dividend after the pack is ripped open via a randomized selection process live on our broadcast.